Thursday, December 1, 2011

Xbox 720 Logo Appears In Real Steel Trailer

Hugh Jackman's wholesale xbox 360 latest film, Real Steel,Nintendo Wii is set in Nintendo Wii Accessories the year 2020, a time when robots have replaced humans as boxers. While that may Xbox 360 Kinect Accessories seem a bit far-fetched, the latest trailer contains another prediction of the future,wholesale xbox specifically that Wii Accessories Microsoft will have a Wii Controllers new Xbox360 wireless adapter console out by then.

During a link4game scene in the latest link trailer game for Real vedio Steel, a logo for the games is briefly visible,wii mirroring the nintendo imagery Microsoft Memory has used Card for the Chargers. and meanwhile,Battery some people Skins predicted Cases that some Accessories more link4game Xbox 360 link accessories game will come vedio up in In addition to the wii Xbox 720 nintendo branding, Memory the trailer Card shows the Chargers logo for Bing,Battery Microsoft's Skins proprietary search Repair engine. Other Cases corporate logos Accessories featured in link4game the trailer include link Del Taco,game Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, vedio Capitol One, gamesand Cadillac.
When asked about the ad, wii a Microsoft spokesperson nintendo told GameSpot Memory the company "Card does not Chargers comment on Battery rumors or Skins speculation."
Over the Repair summer,Cases the rumor Accessories mill link4game churned out link word that game Microsoft vedio was readying games an Xbox 360 wii successor nintendo reveal at Memory the 2012 Card Electronic Entertainment Expo, Chargers scheduled for June Battery 5-7 at the Los Angeles Skins Convention Repair Center. 8812abc09 1201

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