Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meade DSI Specifications

The Meade Deep Sky Imager (DSI) is regarded as the recent imager manufactured by Meade Instruments. It becomes an easy-to-use color CCD camera that allows astronomers of any experience level to shoot and process deep sky photographs of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and planets. The DSI can be found for sale from all Meade authorized dealers.

The Meade Deep Sky Imager is powered by way of USB high-speed cable which might be linked with your laptop if your unit is ready to use. The results gathered from the Deep Sky Imager is rarely compressed, guaranteeing that most data might be manipulated to get the desired results. The Deep Sky Imager is convection-cooled and includes noise reduction processes to allow longer exposures and increased data per period of exposure.

The Autostar Suite that comes standard while using the Meade Deep Sky Imager has the capacity to adjust color saturation and balance, eliminating the necessity for photo editing software. The integrated time lapse photography tool allows astronomers to produce stop-action videos. The live histogram and Electric eye provide fast, no-hassle focusing plus the chance to optimize your photos for top level possible exposure. The application has a Pentium-II 400 megahertz computer to work based on manufacturer's recommendations.

The Meade Deep Sky Imager incorporates a high sensitivity Sony SuperHAD color CCD sensor effective at a photo resolution of 510 pixels by 492 pixels. The A/D conversion rate is 16-bit, causing greater image depth and contrast. The exposure time may be set between 1/10,000 of any second to 1 hour. The housing consists of anodized die-cast aluminum. The unit is compatible with 2.0 Broadband and 1.1 USBs. The imager measures 3.25 inches tall, 3.25 in width and 1.25 inches in thickness. Total shipping weight is 10 ounces.

You can find three main accessories available for the Meade Deep Sky Imager. The initial accessory can be a Deep Sky Imager fan that boosts camera functionality by enhancing air-cooled properties. At max performance specifications, the fan keeps the camera 9 degrees Fahrenheit cooler compared to surrounding temperatures. Two focal reducers can be purchased. The f/6.3, 4-element, multi-coated reducer reduces exposure by 50 %. The f/3.3 CCD reducer is multi-coated with 3 elements along with a variable T-adapter.