Monday, January 13, 2014

9 Top Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

Do you want to use LED Bulb when lighting? Here are some of the advantages you should know; Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting
1. Long Life  anty881209wong 140113
LED bulbs have a long outstanding operational lifetime of up to about 100.000 hours. This can be 12 years of operation, or about 22 years of 50 percent operation. This means that you will save money you could have used when buying new bulbs.

2. Energy Efficiency
These bulbs has about energy efficiency of 85%-95% compared to the traditional lighting as well as conventional light bulbs making the efficient way of lightening and illumination and lighting.

3. Ecologically Friendly
LED lights are also free of the toxic chemicals as opposed to most l fluorescent lighting bulbs that contain materials such as mercury, which are very dangerous to the environment.

4. Durable Quality
LEDs are durable and can withstand the roughest conditions. They can resistant to vibrations, shock, and external impacts, that make great system of outdoor lighting.

5. Zero UV Emissions
LED illumination produces less infrared light with no UV emissions that is healthy to the environment.

6. Design Flexibility
LEDs bulbs also comes in different shapes and sizes that makes your lighting effective. This will also help you in a dynamic light control, color as well as distribution. This makes the best when lightning the airplanes, classrooms, offices and many more.

7. Operational in Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures
LED are also ideal for operation both under hot and cold outdoor temperature settings. This is contrary, to fluorescent lamps that are affected by low temperatures making them the best in the market.

8. Instant Lighting and Frequent Switching
LED Corn Bulb lights often brighten up faster when powered on that have great benefits advantages for infrastructure projects like signal and traffic lights.

9. Low-Voltage
A low-voltage power is sufficient for the LED Spot Bulb illumination. This also makes it very easy to use especially in outdoor settings, or even rural or remote areas.

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