Friday, July 12, 2013

sports watch for kids

The front of the tablet is predominantly which is surrounded by a fairly thick bezel. The only thing missing is the iconic Apple physical home android tablet button.Flip the GTi8 over and you see a silver cover which looks remarkably like the iPad mini's. It too is made from aluminium which is surprising given the price. Build quality of the GoTab GTi8 is one of the best we've seen for a cheap tablet.The name suggests the tablet is tuned for performance like cars with the badge but the internal specs are distinctly mid-ranged. You get a 1.6GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM – not bad for a tablet this cheap. We found the GoTab GTi8 extremely nippy for a budget tablet, struggling not with the homescreens, app menus, recent apps and playing games like angry birds.Storage matches the phablet original Nexus 7 models at 8GB and 16GB. This isn't great considering the Nexus 7 comes with 16GB for £159 but the GoTab offers a microSD card which the Nexus doesn'tThe screen is an inch larger than Google's tablet at 8in, effectively matching the iPad mini. GoTab's GTi8 offer the same 1024 x768 resolution as the iPad mini which is impressive.GoTab GTi8 rearHowever, the panel in question is considerably lower quality. The biggest problem we found with the tablet PC was its narrow viewing angles; you really do have to look straight on to see what's being displayed properly.The GTi8 comes with the usual connectivity such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but also has an HDMI port which is a particular rarity. At the low price, we Viewsonic pad were surprised to find front and rear cameras although they are only rated at VGA and 2Mp respectively.GoTab GTi8 tabletLike a lot of budget tablets we’ve seen, the GTi8 runs a vanilla version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and that's a good thing. It's like a blank canvas waiting for your customisation. There's the usual access to the Google Play Store for apps, games, books, movies and music.The HP ElitePad is a tablet running 32-bit Windows 8 Pro, aimed at business users. Running Windows 8 means that it has an Intel rather than an Arm processor - in this case an Intel Atom Z2760 chip clocked at 1.5GHz-1.8GHz combined with 2GB RAM. Often tablets that run full-blown Windows sacrifce performance and battery life in order to offer full PC capabilities. We took the HP ElitePad 900 Windows tablet for a spin to see how it stacks up in a world of thin-and-light, high performance tablets.HP ElitePad 900: build, styleShow the HP ElitePad to a non-technical friend and they'll likely describe it as 'an iPad'. A square slate, all black cheap watches Gorilla Glass on the front and silver aluminum on the back, the moderately stylish ElitePad does differ from the competition, but mostly in ways of which we're not personally enamoured. The bezel is wide and the corners rounded in an almost cartoonish way. And the tablet's edges taper to a point that is almost sharp to the touch - it's a strange style point, because at 9.2mm this qualifies as a thin full-sized tablet (thinner than the iPad with Retina Display). It's also not as heavy as you might expect from an Intel tablet - at 680g it is in the same ball HD media player park as the 650g iPad, and blows out of the water the Surface Pro (Microsoft's own Windows 8 slate weighs 900g and is 13.5mm thick).There is, alas, a single proprietary connector at the bottom. 745TDBanty 130712

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