Friday, May 17, 2013

TV box

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Get Jar. However I have searched through the GetJar and it is not so bad .., for my 10 years of age, I think Coby Kyros MID7012-4G is a android tablet good pill .The only thing I do not like it, at least for me is that there is a 256 ram so it must be someone, but not to limp a lot, surf the internet is good enough .. Viewsonic pad Wi-Fi has no problems, well connected and works fine .. The battery is not yet known .. has a charge on the problem of playing with it about 3 or 4 hours worth of reading only one quarter is not so bad, I think .. goneIn general, I have Coby Kyros MID7012-4G for a younger audience advise .. I am a fan of the products and I buy a Coby Kyros, but not less than 512 MB ??of RAM problem .. 8125 or 1125 .. Last but not least, Coby need you to come with a can tabelt Video on Skype .. lol .. thanks ..After comparing the specifications of the smartphone Nexus Prime (Galaxy or Samsung Nexus) which will be presented soon with those of the new iPhone 4S, here's a comparison between two of the tablet in the coming months will compete for the largest share of the market. We remain in "Android vs IOS " putting Android TV box a face to face models Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple iPad2.Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple iPad2 are very different, not only in terms of size, but tablet PC also in relation to the sale price and features equipped. The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet with 7-inch display, will be sold from November 15th priced at $ 199 (approximately 145 euros, according to current exchange rates), while two more economical to buy the iPad, or WiFi with the storage internal 16 GB, you must pay 484 euros.Amazon Kindle Fire will be equipped with a deeply customized version of Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread, while the competitor has made ??in Cupertino of the newly launched iPhone OS 5. Both solutions aim for the future to take full advantage of cloud technologies, the first with the ability to save phablet content directly on the servers provided by Amazon Cloud services through starvation and the second platform icloud.Amazon also enters the arena of the tablet, and does so with a product with nice features and a killer price. Unveiled to 16 hours from the Italian superboss Jeff Bezos himself, the Kindle Fire has an IPS display 7 ", with 169 pixels per inch, 16 million colors and Gorilla Glass. The processor is a dual-core, according to some rumors, it would probably by a TI OMAP 1.2 GHz, but is awaiting confirmation. it has no built-in camera (but you see it) and nothing was said about connectivity, but that seems to count only the Wi-Fi (no 3G).The Kindle Fire is based on Android, although the edited version is totally customized from Amazon: from what we saw on the stage of the conference, the transition from one content to android tablet PC another is smooth and fast. Even browsing (via the new browser Silk) sent a row, because part of the process is carried out by Amazon's cloud computing lightening the work of the CPU. And in fact, all media content streamed from traveling on the Fire Cloud. SZyougeshabi 130517

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