Thursday, March 14, 2013

Win 7 tablet PC and android 4.0 tablet PC

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 Many people are more familiar with the android operating system version of the tablet, do you know about Win 7 tablet PCoperating system? Most of us are easy to conflate win 7 operating system with both desktops and notebooks. Actually, the windows 7 operating system have long been used in mobile devices such as Tablet PC, smart phones, not even notebooks and desktops. Hope you have a new understanding on android 4.0 tablet operating system and Win 7 tablet PC operating system, below I introduced these two operating systems.

Android operating system is very common, I just pick up some points:
1. A new UI, Chrome browser, offline reading, 16 tabs, stealth browsing mode; your Gmail by adding gestures, offline search functionality, the UI is more powerful; new features People: the interface emphasis on the slide rather than click, integrated Twitter, Linkedin, Google and other communication tools.
2. Screenshot function, more powerful photo editing features, comes with photo applications comparable as Instagram, you can add filters, add photo frames, a 360-degree panoramic photography, photos can also sort by location
3. The running program can be a computer-like switching
4. The face recognition function, while the front camera for facial unlock
5. Faster system optimization,
6. Support greater resolution
7. Written specifically for the dual-core processor optimized drive
8. The new Linux kernel
9. Enhanced copy and paste function
10. Richer the data transmission function
11.More sensor support, the voice function and speech recognition, soft keyboard
12. New 3D driver, game support capacity building
13. The new Google electronics market

Win 7 for tablet is almost the same with it for notebooks and desktops, and Win 7 tablet PC has a much higher requirements of configuration. It is shining and powerful, here is the following features:
Windows 7 tablet’s Wind 7 OS is made of user-friendly design, such as fast to maximize the window to half screen display, the jump list, system failures quick fix.
Windows 7 significantly reduced the startup time of Windows, it is measured in the low-end configuration, the system load time is generally not more than 20 seconds.
the Windows 7 will make easier to search and use information, including local, network and Internet search functions, intuitive user experience will be more advanced, but also integration of automated application submission and cross-program data transparency.  Win 7 tablet PC is making big promotion compared with the tablet which is based on Vista OS in UI experience.
Win 7 tablet PC’s Win 7 OS includes improved security and functionality of the legitimacy of data protection and management, but also extended to peripheral devices. Windows 7 improved role-based computing solutions, and user account management, to build a bridge the inherent conflicts between data protection and robust collaboration, but also open enterprise-class data protection and permissions.
The Wind 7 Aero effect is gorgeous, collision effects, water droplets effect, as well as rich desktop gadget. However, the consumption of resources in Windows 7 is the lowest. Not only the efficiency of a fast chip, battery life has increased significantly. Win 7 tablet PC’s win 7 OS make it’s standby time longer, more energy power saved easily.

Android 4.0 OS on mobile devices like tablet and mobile phones is already quite common, while Windows 7 promotion and use of mobile devices on the market making touch screen tablet PC and mobile phone enthusiasts another option, no doubt, these two systems are great. Besides the functions of  Win 7 system very much powerful and new, if you think that you can choose a dual system tablet, that could be great choice. Now I’ll show you one dual system tablet P107.
This dual system tablet’s CPU speeds up to 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 9.7inch screen with 1024*768, it is a suitable design configuration for  both win 7 system and android 4.0, it could be a nice choice.

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