Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Test Report for The New Xbox360 Controller: Razer Onza

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Perhaps you are fed up with the current Xbox360 controller, and want to use a new cool and fashion Xbox360 controller? Well, there is a good news to tell you , the Razer Onza, maybe the new type of the Xbox360 game controller. And now a test report is to be shared with you in the following words

Razer is typically known as a PC gaming accessories company with all sorts of keyboard and mice for gamers to use to get their game on. Razer has other gear too and the company branched out at CES when it pulled the wraps of a new controller for Xbox 360 called the Onza.
Tension adjustment

The tension of the joystick can be adjusted, which is the most admired function for the most people . Imagine this: when you are using the Xbox joystick, wanted the cursor to move to the right place, but is always not. It always a little beyond or nor, this should be our gamers all have experienced. The “Razer Onza ” can be defined the tension function of the joystick, letting you can use your joystick more freewheeling.

Razer has added to the most sensitive button function inside the “Razer Onza ” . When pressing  button , we can clearly heard the rattle at the same time. The problem of button lock in  “Razer Onza ” is on longer exist, a short time of pressing buttton can make you fell so wonderful and excellent !

Razer has adjusted almost elements on the controller, the D-pad is no exception .  The general’s D-pad only has single axis set, but Razer devided the D-pad into four buttons : up and down; right and left. The change will produce both be good or bad effect, if you want to press diagonal direction, such as the upper left or right lower and so on, you will feel quite thorny. However, if make the direction button defined as the choice set in the game, this set of Razer can let gamers play the game more smoothly and easily.

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