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Area 51 at Ultimate xbox 360

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BlackSite: Area 51 is a first-person shooter video game, released for Xbox 360 and Windows on November 12, 2007 in North America.
BlackSite: Area 51 is a first-person shooter xbox games. The player will assume the role of Aeran Pierce who has been tasked on different things since arriving in Rachel, Nevada. There are different stages in the area, although the first stage is alien-free and the only enemies are rebels in Iraq.
One of the features of the game is squad tactics. For example, the player can order one of it's teammates to move on a location, attack a certain enemy and set charges on certain items. Throughout the course of the game, there are times when the player will ride on a vehicle controlling its gun.
An in-game screenshot showing three "Flatheads".
Most of the vehicle scenario will pit the player on defending a location from attacks. The game will also feature a morale system for each member of Aeran's team. For example, if the squad is not performing well in battle and is losing or taking a lot of damage from the enemy, the player's squad will start to lose morale which will start to decrease their ability in fighting, lessening their damage and the chances they will hit a target. Also, if the squad has a very low morale, they would possibly rather run away from battle. In other words, if the squad is performing well in battle, they will gain morale increasing their fighting ability, enhancing their damage and defence. Also, the squad will be much more accurate on hitting an enemy and the chances of them on fighting enemies head on will increase.

MK23 Pistol
It was an offensive handgun for U.S special operation forces. It has exceptional durability over extreme environment having the characteristic as water proof and corrosion-resistant and it has superb accuracy.

M16A2 Assault Riffle
This weapon has two mode of firing known to be semi-automatic and fully automatically firing mode. It was an accurate gun in tight and urban situation.
Anti-Tank Launcher
Its missile was equipped by an infrared imaging seeker, tracking its target remorselessly. It was accurate to take something down.

XM-B Advanced Sniper Rifle
It has a deadly accurate cold-hammer forged barrel and tested in extreme environment, very reliable weapon.
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