Monday, November 28, 2011

Microsoft Will License Xbox 360 Kinect to TV Manufacturers

Famous media The Daily reported that Microsoft link4game is talking about vedio Microsoft Kinect sensor  integrated into the future TV with SONY and other link TV manufacturers.

It is game reported games that Microsoft wii plans to nintendo promoting its Kinect Memory to the consumer Card living room Chargers as much asBattery possible , Skins even  though Cases these families has no Xbox 360 console. ...
It is said that Accessories the TV with integrated link4game Kinect, will have the voice commands, link gestures control, and other functions,game and these integrated vedio Kinect TV may games have function of connecting to the local PC, so coordinate wii with network and Windows system  Kinect will play more effect.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it nintendo will launch a Windows Memory adtion Kinect sensor in 2012 , this Kinect motion sensor identify more short distance, Memory gamers can operate beyond 40 Card centimeters .

A news said that Microsoft plans to release Card two edition of Chargers the Xbox next-generation console, and all will be integrated improved version of the Kinect Battery sensor. Among vedio them the cheap edtion of games the Xbox next-generation console wii will become a  important method Skins to promoting Kinect nintendo theme games

Since the Microsoft Kinect sensor sales on Repair 11st, 2011,Cases and become the Accessories bset-seller consumer electronics product, and it sells 10 million sets in just two months. We link4game believed that with the launching of the Windows link edition game Kinect,the Kinect certainly will become a inseparable part in our daily life. 8812abc09 1128

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